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Hi, Deepa is here

Reach out to Deepa for scientific development, strategizing for reaching goals, women empowerment and more 😊

Dr. Deepa Gupta is a computational neuroscientist with 15+ years of experience in research and education. She is passionate about helping others find appropriate strategies and techniques for managing daily life for one’s self-betterment. Her training is in neural engineering and computers.

Hi, Jaya is here

Reach out to Jaya for fitness, scientific development, women empowerment and more 😊

Ms. Jaya Rana is an expert in training high school students in science subjects. Also, she is an expert for uplifting women towards a better living accountability partnership in fitness and more. She completed her post-graduation studies in Genetics and Plant Breeding from G.B. Pantnagar University after her graduation in Zoology, Botany and Chemistry from D. A. V. College, India. 

Hi, Ernesta is here

Reach out to Ernesta if you believe in healthy living with healthy teeth 😁

Dr. Ernesta Parisi is a practicing dentist with almost 25 years of clinical experience. She is Board certified in Oral Medicine and is passionate about helping patients find appropriate diagnosis and management of their oral conditions. Her life passions are her family, the field of dentistry and wellness.

Hi, Nicholas is here

Reach out to Nicholas for talking about better mental health 😁

Mr. Nicholas Antonelli is a practicing crisis counselor with almost 15+ years of experience. He

Hi, Ash is here

Reach out to Ash for talking about well-being 😊

Fascinated by healing and capturing it with photography, Mr. Ash fell in love with the idea of filming and supporting well being with his own productions. He is an audacious and energetic vlogger who enjoys grabbing his camera and running out to take useful points. He has set out to learn everything he could.